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Epidemiology – HLBS (Heart, Lung, Blood, Sleep), Cancer, and Beyond

August 11, 2015

InNCI-NHLBI Blog Graphic the recent years, the NHLBI and NCI have launched separate discussions about the future of epidemiology. As noted in our previous blog posts, the NHLBI convened a working group that generated its recommendations on the strategic transformation of epidemiology (see published report). The NCI’s own recommendations and proposed actions are outlined in its article, “Transforming Epidemiology for 21st Century Medicine and Public Health.” These recommendations have the potential to benefit the field of epidemiology as a whole, beyond HLBS (heart, lung, blood, and sleep) diseases and cancer.

To facilitate further discussion, we list side by side the recommendations for action that emerged from the NCI and NHLBI processes and group them into 7 common thematic areas: leadership, resources, cohorts, methods, workforce, integration and evaluation (Table 1).

We welcome your input on comments and suggestions for actions to further the implementation of the NCI and NHLBI recommendations, to leverage existing epidemiology resources, and build future ones that enable coverage across multiple diseases. The NCI has concurrently posted this topic on their blog to solicit comments from their epidemiology community as well.

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