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Towards a Creative Transformation of Epidemiology: Charge for the NHLBI Working Group

December 20, 2013

000010391045-StarTeamX-smallSince the beginning of this Digital Forum in March 2012 we have raised questions and encouraged discussion on how to improve the population based studies of heart, lung, and blood diseases.  As an Institute, we are facing increasing pressures to re-engineer our strategies for supporting “big science” along with Institute-initiated projects.  In a recent post (“Transformation is in the air…”), we noted that the NHLBI would establish a working group on these issues and to consider how best to direct population and clinical epidemiology during this time of big data and small budgets. 

That working group, which includes various members of both the NHLBI Advisory Council and the Board of Extramural Experts, has begun meeting to advise the Institute on the creative transformation of epidemiology.  For your information, the working group roster and the charge are included on this post. If you have any comments, please feel free to share them with us through this Digital Form. 


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